Poetry and Place

I compose poems using a restricted number of lines and syllables.  The words and phrases which combine to form these tercets come to mind with the rhythm of walking through landscapes which are the location of legends and folkloric traditions.  The poems give imagined voice to historical characters or parts of the natural world and are composed both for their intrinsic message and to act as a foundation of further development as the slow stitched poetic maps which are described in more detail in


“Penallt: his path winds uphill

Through tangled trees, dappled sun

Light leaves litter his lost land.”

Glyndwr’s Way


view from ferry“Sun-dazed scented passing place,

Hours marked by shadows cast,

Time in silent reverie.”



Sunset over Bristol Channel“Let me see Deheubarth’s sky

In all its myriad hues

Then walls will not own my days.”

Kidwelly to Ferryside


Northumbria Landscape“This is a land of old ways,

Feathers caution unruly flight.

Chained, stranded, still the stones wait.”