stone burial chamber

About Unlost Places

The Unlost Places project began in 2019 as a natural progression from my MA dissertation (Lingering Fragments) which mapped metaphysical features of landscape.  Unlost Places takes the original concept of creative interpretations based on observations of physical environs, toponymy and local folklore and utilises a cross-disciplinary approach to reflect liminal landscapes and a sense of the numinous in place and time.  In practice this involves uses Field Sketching and composing items to explain Poetry and Place  whilst making walked journeys along ancient tracks and trails.  In certain locations Indigenous Art is created and left in the place to which both it and the materials relate.  Images, dates of making and grid references of  indigenous art appear on Instagram at @unlostplaces .  In the studio these creative responses along with conventional research into locale combine to form a resource for the development of pieces of textile and mixed media art which will be available for exhibition when the project concludes.