Textile Art

I like to produce a range of work that is often inspired by a single theme.  ‘Etifeddiaeth’ was my reaction to the tragic events recounted in the Welsh epic Cân Heledd or Heledd’s Lament.  The poem tells of how, as a result of Heledd’s actions, war descends on her homeland leaving it ravaged, with its people scattered and her family – including her brother, Cynddylan, Lord of Powys – dead, killed in battle.  Sitting in the palace Heledd’s lament begins:

“Cynddylan’s hall is dark tonight…”

Carnedd Cynddylan

‘Etifeddiaeth’ consists of four framed felted landscapes and several wallhangings worked in a variety of techniques including free form knitting, mixed media textile art and weaving. It was last exhibited over the summer of 2015 at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff.