Textile Art Techniques

I use a range of techniques including creative embroidery, hand-made felt, free form knitting and mixed media work.  Recently I have begun incorporating print and hand-made paper into the surface textures and find this complements the other processes.  I use found objects as embellishments and often produce work on a walked journey, so mapping the physical as well as metaphysical landscape.

Plein air knitting

I like to produce a range of work that is often inspired by a single theme.  ‘Etifeddiaeth’ was my reaction to the tragic events recounted in the Welsh epic Cân Heledd or Heledd’s Lament.  The poem tells of how, as a result of Heledd’s actions, war descends on her homeland leaving it ravaged, with its people scattered and her family – including her brother, Cynddylan, Lord of Powys – dead, killed in battle.  Sitting in the palace Heledd’s lament begins: “Cynddylan’s hall is dark tonight…”  .  I begin with a simple sketch and let things develop from there.


I have recently begun work on a series of slow stitched maps using indigenous materials to both colour and give texture to background surfaces.  As I want the final pieces to be authentic to the environment which inspires them, I do much of the stitching in the landscape.  This creates extra layers of meaningfulness.

Slow stitched map of Sarn (detail)