My creative practice has a portfolio of four distinct but inter-related activities.   As a textile artist I focus primarily on exhibiting and you can see some of my work in the Gallery section.  I use creative writing skills to document the processes I use for projects like Unlost Places .  More details of written work is found under Narratives.   I am a member of the Heritage Crafts Association and am particularly interested in the history of Doll-Making as a domestic craft.  I am currently researching the ways in which women have made dolls as social and cultural expressions rather than toys or playthings for children.

The fourth activity in my portfolio brings together my qualifications and experience as a creative practitioner, a long career in NHS administration and an abiding interest in enabling and empowering people to achieve their goals.  As a strategist my role is part mentor, part coach, part tutor and part critical friend.  I specialise in supporting craftspeople, the newly self-employed and life-long learners but generally I’m happy to sit down with anyone who’s got too many or not enough ideas  and help them get a clear idea of where they’re aiming and how to get there.    To this end I have a private practice and work alongside colleagues at Eclipse (Wales) Consultancy and Project Management Services .