My Approach

“All paths are meant to be followed and all roads are meant to be travelled but you, Canna,  are the one who decides on which ways you take and why.”

Letter to St Canna from St Cein, Book of Hendre Forgan (trans Puw, R. 15th Century)


Because I’ve never really thought about it, only recently have I realised the advantages of having multiple strands to my creative practice:

I am a writer and using words to work out my ideas comes naturally;

I am an artist so I am observant and inquisitive;

I’m a maker of maps and I like organising and illustrating information in lots of different ways;

I find it easy to learn, teach and finding ways to explain things;

I have no concept of the word ‘boredom’ so there’s always something exciting for me to discover.

Best of all, I have found the central thread which links all of the things I do and am interested in and I can’t begin to express how liberating and exciting that is.  I have attached some of my thoughts on having multiple strands to creative practice in this section.

Being Professional 

Portfolio Working 

About Multiple Strands