“I can tell you this: makers of maps wield both power and magic.  Secrets and knowledge are locked into the symbols, legends and keys that they use.  These are not for ordinary men but for the chosen ones.  You ask me if you should learn to read a map.  I say you should learn to make one for then you will know all that you need to know.”

From the Book of Hendre Forgan ( trans. Puw, R. 15th Century)

As part of my MA in Contemporary Crafts at Hereford College of Art I worked on a range of map making possibilities from drawn representations of topography to creating textural response to the numinous in metaphysical landscape.

I am currently working on producing a guide to ancient tracks across the Glamorgan ridgeway.  I anticipate that this will be illustrated by both drawn and stitched maps which will be available for exhibition and display.  Regular information about this field of research is posted on my twitter feed:@marialalic .