Heritage Crafts


Cloth Doll Making

I make dolls using a range of stitchery and construction techniques.  This one was made as part of the Cambrian Mountain Wool Design Challenge in 2015 to show the versatility and quality of Welsh wool.

I am interested in the role of dolls as carriers of social history, cultural narratives and personal storytelling.  This Mumma Doll (and the meaning it holds) will be on display in the Heritage Crafts Association Conference 2020 as part of the Objects of Power Exhibition.

Simple “cookie cutter” (unjointed) dolls can be painted and embroidered for decorative effect.

Wire armatures bring a sense of animation to the figure.

When needle-sculpture and mixed media embellishment is used, doll-making becomes a distinct artistic genre.

Hand Embroidery

I stitch onto a variety of surfaces including paper.

Wool Work

From felting unspun fibres

to weaving

and free form knitting with spun yarn,

Free Form Knitting

nothing is proving as challenging as learning Nålbinding.