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Wrth fy Modd - In my element
Wrth fy Modd – In my element

“Here All is One”


Rydw i wrth fy modd cerdded neu redeg dros y wlad. Bob dydd, byddaf i’n ceisio treulio rhyw amser y tu allan, i werthfawrogi’r byd naturiol. Rydw i’n cael llawer o ysbrydiolaeth gan y byd naturiol fella mae wedi bod yn wych i dderbyn cymorth o Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru. Hefyd, mae’n wych i few mor agos i le hyfryd fel Parc Gwledig Bryngarw.

I also consider myself very lucky to live in a part of the world which has such a rich cultural and linguistic tradition. You may have wondered why, instead of my blog being bilingual , it flits between Welsh and English. If you don’t read Welsh, the asides in this beautiful old language are not translated anywhere on the blog but I put them in as an acknowledgement and round of applause to the many adults who are learning Welsh because they see it’s future as a living language rather than as an oral museum exhibit.

Welsh lady
Welsh lady

Dysgais i’r Gymraeg i wneud fy rhan i gefnogi’r iaith ond drwy ddysgu, rydw i wedi darganfod cymaint o ysbrydiolaeth am fy ngelf tecstilau. Mae hynny’n wir o bob math o addysg. Bydd un peth yn arwain i rywbeth arall. Heddiw, e.e., rydw i’n teithio i Bwllheli i wneud cwrs am y Mabinogion drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg .

I have always been interested in the concept of ‘anima loci’ or the belief that a spiritual presence exists in the natural world and landscape. This fits in with the principles of early Celtic Christianity and many of the tales which form the basis of the Mabinogion.  These are tales which have given much of my work a starting point. The legends concerning spirits who live in and are part of trees, for example, brought about this wallhanging which is creative embroidery and needlefelting on a woven wool base.

Lady of the Wood
Lady of the Wood

Os mae diddordeb gennych chi mewn dysgu’r Gymraeg neu am y Mabinogion , mae ystod o gyrsiau ar gael ond bydd dysgu un rywbeth yn werth yr ymdrech.

And for non-Welsh speakers, here’s the translation of that last bit. If you are interested in learning Welsh or about the Mabinogion , there are a range of courses available but learning anything is worth the effort.

Mwy o wybodaeth am fy ngwrs/more information about my course


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