Lingering Fragments was exhibited at Hereford College of Arts in 2018 and consists of poetic prose in the form of englynion and mixed media artworks.   Research and walked journeys were used to develop a methodology which led to the creation of geopoetical maps reflecting metaphysical features of landscape.


1st Voice

They have laid you on the ground next to me; you gaze unseeing skyward. Darkness covers you.
Do leaden skies weep your loss? Or moors mourn your wasted days? The bare hills are not bereft.
You were old; you did not know what it is like to be lost in a landscape without roads.
Light summer winds entice my leaves to dance, whirling, earthbound. Too soon the trees are empty.
Dawn. The day trembles awake; shivered voices split the air, chill the birdsong on the ridge.


2nd Voice

Only to you my eyes are blind; beyond the day I see stars draped across eternity.
The bitter storm has no tears; moss damp stones edge my aelwyd; mine was a rain sweetened life.
I have set meini gobaith on my paths, carving the way of my life into the land.
Weakened by the winter gales, bleak, cold, these cloudswept hills wait. Spring will follow the low month.