Firebreak Autumn

In the cloudswept hills of the Western Lands, Hallowe’en fell in the middle of Firebreak Autumn and whilst everyone knows that hacking a pumpkin to bits with your trusty axe is time well spent, it still left 16 empty spaces on Maira Big Thumb’s calendar.  One day was spent celebrating a harvest safely gathered in,


then on another she tidied her hovel,

interior decor

and of course she went for an obligatory Autumn walk through the local park.

Then she wondered, what can I do next?  Well, in the middle of a pandemic, with massive economic uncertainty and people fearful about what the future held, Maira Big Thumb decided to do what every self-respecting Viking does – come out fighting.  Thus it was she spent the rest of the days of Firebreak Autumn learning the dark arts of starting a small craft business.  When she was wise in the lore of setting up an on-line shop and could cast the spells of search engine optimisation, she knew she would be able to help other folk do the same thing.  Now, thought Maira Big Thumb, the people will have something to occupy them when they can’t go out, they will be able to make little pots of money and they will understand how any kind of craft makes anxiety go away for a bit.

And when the day came for Firebreak Autumn to end, Maira Big Thumb realised there was just time for a little rest before she ventured forth into the world to start rampaging and pillaging once more.

#bekind #makepeoplesmile #stayhome