Creative Walks

Creative walks are an opportunity to combine a stroll through lovely countryside with the opportunity to pause and respond creatively to the landscape.  In July 2017 I guided some participants (with varying levels of creative ability) around the beautiful Cwm Garw Fechan woodland in South Wales.  The three mile route used forestry tracks and trails took us a couple of hours with plenty of time to take in the views.  These are the results …

Cwm Garw Fechan 3


“One foot in front of the other

A blue open sky above

Green forests wrapping around

A lone buzzard flying overhead”

Cwm Garw Fechan 4


Comments from participants:

“I learned a lot on my walk.  A lot of wildflowers were pointed out and explanations given about what medical purposes the plants could be used for.  Fruits such as whinberries and wild strawberries were in abundance.  The history of the coal mining industry that was there in the 19th Century was explained, very interesting.  I’ve never understood how to sketch before but was amazed after managing to draw a reasonable picture of a monument.  I only managed this due to the patience of my guide.  I would definitely do another walk like this again.”

“I feel as if my head has been unclamped.  This was just what I needed.  I’m going to go home and look up haikus.  I want to find out more about them.”


This year I’ll be leading some slow stitching walks through a local park and inviting participants to use indigenous plant materials and surfaces to add colour and texture to backing fabric before they begin sewing.