Art Dolls

Annie Dora

Annie Dora is inspired by my sister Annie – one of those people who laughs at life. Exasperated by constant jollity and relentless good-humour, my mother was sometimes heard to complain that ‘Annie would giggle if her bottom caught on fire!”

Annie even managed to smile through a couple of the health problems that she encountered in recent years: in her 40s her first attack of Vertigo left her – in her words – “pole axed!”.  Not long afterwards she developed the fearsome sounding Ilio-tibial Band Friction Syndrome in which the tendon that runs from the knee up the thigh and attaches to the lower back begins to tighten and get shorter causing pain, stiffness and eventually a lack of mobility.

If you look closely at the doll you will see the glass beads on wire that protrude from Annie Dora’s head.  These correspond to the whizzing’ symptoms of Vertigo and the sensation that your head isn’t attached to the rest of your body quite as securely as you’d like.  On the back and to the side of the doll I have stitched copper foil impressed with the letters “ITBFS” and to correspond to the Annie’s description of there being a hard knot in her back muscles, I have sewn on a wooden bead in the appropriate place.

All of my art dolls have a story to tell.  I hope you enjoyed reading about Annie Dora.