The Garden Path

If you like manicured borders and latin plant names then our garden isn’t the place for you.  If, on the other hand, you appreciate jumbled flower beds, a herb yard, seasonal growing of fruit and vegetables as well as ideas borrowed from Permaculture, No Dig and companion planting, you’ll probably enjoy seeing how our little cottage garden helps with our simple, self-reliant lifestyle.  Each year we open the garden on one day for charity as part of the National Garden Scheme and you can see our details here .  This year we also entertained 13 children and 4 adults from the Gardening Club at Llangan Primary School and next year we are expecting a group of gardening enthusiasts from Austria!

These are some of the things other people have said after they have visited:

“It’s self evident the amount of love and care that has gone into this garden.  It’s wonderful that you share your creation and ideas with others to enjoy and learn from.”

Old friends having tea on our lawn

“A delightful garden.  A pleasure to have experienced it.”

The pre San Fairy Ann garden

“Thank you for welcoming us in to your beautiful garden.  We love how self-sufficient you are and have stolen lots of ideas for when we have our own garden!”

After weeding …

“What a hidden gem – a lovely, natural garden.”

2016 opening

“Inspirational, thought-provoking and an education – thank you for welcoming us into such an enchanting garden.”

The Rose Border

“Ardderchog, plesur mawr i ymlacio mewn rhan bach o’r nefoedd – diolch yn fawr.”