Art Dolls

I’ve been making Art Dolls since I did a ‘bridging’ project between finishing the Open College of Arts’ Creative Textiles 1 course and starting Creative Textiles 2.  It was then that I came across legends about the faerie folk of Wales who lived in mines (Y Coblynau).  In her book ‘A Dictionary of Fairies’ , Katharine M. Briggs described them as being ugly, dressed in rags and usually benevolent.  I have always found creating things which were pretty to be quite challenging so was easily attracted to the prospect of making dolls which were allowed to be ugly!  I needlesculpt their facial features and heavily embroider layers of texture and fabrics over their bodies to give the impression of not knowing where the clothes begin and the being ends.  Only the first of the dolls was inspired by Y Coblynau.  Since then I have used other British faeries, folklore and Ancient Greek deities as the starting point for dolls.

If you are a student, you are welcome to use the pictures for projects and/or research providing you reference them to me. I don’t take commissions but if you are interested in buying any of the dolls, please contact me by email.

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